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Anguillian cuisine is the cuisine of Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. The cuisine is influenced by native Caribbean, African, Spanish, French and English cuisines.[1]


Seafood is abundant, and includes prawnsshrimpcrabspiny lobsterconchmahi-mahired snappermarlin and grouper.[1] Salt cod is a staple food eaten by itself and used in stewscasseroles and soups.[1]


Livestock is limited due to the small size of the island, and people there utilize poultryporkgoat and mutton, along with imported beef.[1] Goat is the most commonly eaten meat, and is utilized in a variety of dishes.[1] A significant amount of the island’s produce is imported due to limited land suitable for agriculture production; much of the soil is sandy and infertile.[1]

Common foods and dishes


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